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Mountains of Mercy

The southern Dutch architect, painter and engineer Wenceslas Cobergher was responsible for the design of the Mountain of Mercy in Brussels and the Heritage House in Kortrijk in the late 16th century. In this he fulfilled, by order of the Spanish archdukes Albrecht and Isabella, their wish to also design, following the example of other countries, ‘Mountains of Mercy’ in our country.

The initiative had to keep out usurers and he succeeded in that aim. It was not until 1630, four years before his death, that the buildings in Kortrijk were opened. Cobergher opted for a conservative Gothic style.

Eccentric majestic aristocratic city castle

Cobergher Hotel recounts long-forgotten times when opulence and abundance hid behind the facades of majestic Kortrijk city castles.

The hotel, the former Heritage House and five adjoining properties on Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat, Guido Gezellestraat and Handboogstraat, will not only take you back to the past, the hotel also lets you dream of staying in a contemporary metropolis or spending the night in a lodge reminiscent of an adventure location. Expect a story with a twist.

Where feeling at home prevails

The rich history of the building was restored with an eye for craftsmanship and the style of the olden times. The grandeur of the various rooms is overwhelming, but at no point does it compromise the sense of home. In each of the Cobergher rooms and suites, renowned decorator Pieter Porters wrote a unique story together with interior designers Dejaegere.

The different styles they used ensure that hotel guests can enjoy a new and surprising décor every time they stay.

Experience several chapters of our story

The first pencilled drafts of Cobergher Hotel’s story appeared on paper in 2016. When the former Heritage House and part of the surrounding buildings were acquired, work could begin on writing a new chapter together with the architectural firm Goddeeris in Kortrijk. Due to the scale of the project and the thorough and meticulous restoration work on the building, it became a story of long duration.

The result of the thorough facelift of the former Heritage House and its adjoining properties is a luxury boutique hotel that hardly has its equal in Flanders and, by extension, Belgium.

Live the story

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